Well-Timed Escape

Today was the last day I had to work at Dick’s Sporting Goods before I get to head to my historical archaeology field school. I love working at Dick’s, don’t get me wrong, but it’s going to be nice not to have to worry about it for a little while. The best part about getting out of this place for a while is getting a break from my house. I’ve been slipping into depression so hopefully this will just snap my ass right out of it. Well, not hopefully. I know it will.

I am excited to be traveling and working alongside my friend Sherry, who I met when I went to California for my forensic archaeology field school. This experience is going to be sooooo different, and I am happy I get to share it with someone I care about. We will be there to support each other, and that’s going to be helpful for me since I won’t feel so lost or apprehensive about meeting new people.

I know I am going to learn so much at this field school. In a way, it’s an entirely different area for me. Before, I was working toward being a forensic anthropologist so I didn’t care as much about the excavation. I studied dead people a lot. But, turns out I can’t hack it, and I loved digging in the dirt even more.

Battery_White_in_Winyah_Bay,_SC_map.svg.pngI’ve never worked with objects before, so I will be learning a new perspective using the same type of skills. The best part about this field school is the mystery is still there. We’re going to be on Cat Island, which I have a hard time finding much information about or pictures of, and there is the possibility of finding objects of ritual magic. I can’t wait to uncover some truly chilling evidence of the past.

The context is of interest to me as well. We will be working on old slave quarters. The Civil War era was an extremely complex time in our nation’s history. As my other field school experience worked to give a voice back to the unidentified dead, maybe this experience will give some voice back to the voiceless demographic of that time.

I have a few goals for myself. One goal is to find any evidence of hoodoo, just because it is a personal interest of mine. Another is to find a Native American artifact. I also want to make it a goal to not be a super shy weirdo. With Sherry’s presence, I think it will be avoidable. My last goal is to stay hydrated and listen to my body. That was something I didn’t do much in the past, and I ended up paying for it with back pain and leg cramps.

The first step of the journey starts tomorrow when my mother and I head up to northern Florida and meet up with my friend. We’re going to hang out and my mom will leave in the morning. I will be keeping a journal every day, so look forward to some interesting content when I come back.

Which leads me to my last point: I will not be able to blog while I am there. I can type them up, but I won’t be able to post because I will hardly ever have an internet connection. So while this is only day 26 of the 30-Day Challenge, it will be my last. I haven’t exactly failed. I will still be writing every day – it just won’t be published online right away. I worked hard and was very committed to this challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the posts I’ve come up with in the last month, and maybe this can inspire you to write every day.



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