Mama: My take on parenting

MAMA/PAPA: Write about what kind of parent you are/will be. How is your parenting style shaped by your own upbringing?

  1. Whatever is important to my kid(s), even if I don’t understand why, will also be important to me. I will at least make the effort to know what it is and see their point of view.

  2. My kid(s) will work for certain privileges and items. No cell phones until you can pay for it yourself, too.

  3. I would like my kid(s) to grow up with 2 languages, English obviously being one, and possibly Italian or Spanish as a second language.

  4. I started to read when I was very young, and I would encourage and teach them to read young as well. I imagine I might even use Hooked on Phonics for them. My mother gave that to me, and I would teach myself after a certain point. We will read books together regularly.

  5. Most likely, they would be homeschooled. I like Williamson, NY schools, so if I lived there or somewhere like it they might go to public school, but I know firsthand from going to school in Rochester how terrible it can be. It depends on the area. If they go to a public school or if they can still do groups and be homeschooled, they will be required to be in at least one extracurricular club and/or one sport.

  6. I was in Girl Scouts and my brothers were in Boy Scouts, and being a scout taught us lessons that applied to every aspect of life that I think some people have really missed out on. I leave every place better than I found it, for one thing. That includes the people I meet, the places I go, and the relationships I am in. I try to apply that to everything. It also taught me about sisterhood. My kid(s) would be in Scouts. I would try to instill in them the same lessons about respect, honesty and loyalty that I learned.

  7. I would emphasize their health, NOT BEAUTY. I want them to understand the importance of being physically active and making right choices with food. I do not want them to ever feel the way I have.

  8. They would learn to be neat and organized, because I think it’s important to keep our lives decluttered. They would have a chore and grades chart and point system to reinforce good behavior. They would also learn how to care for the world around them and to appreciate simple things like a cool breeze on a sunny day or the first snowflake of the first snowfall of the year.

  9. Every year, we would travel someplace different. We would learn about the history and culture of that place. It would be like a family field trip. They could hate me for it all they want, but I think it would be something they should appreciate.

  10. I would work with my kid(s) to find their passion. We would try musical instruments and different art forms or dance class, acting, writing or martial arts. When they find something they like, they can continue, and if they change their mind, we can just go with it.

  11. From a young age, I will work with them on communicating their feelings effectively so that they can express concerns and frustrations without hurting themselves and so that they will always know they can talk to me about literally anything.

  12. I will show them old things, like the original Dracula movie. The things that shaped my world and caused me to know such a wide range of American culture, I will pass on. If they don’t enjoy the things, fine, but they will know about them.

  13. I will take them to all different religious churches and teach them firsthand about the different schools of thought. They will see how similar we all are, and they can choose if they would like to become a religion and which one it will be. They can just be spiritual if they wish.

  14. I will love them so much if it is something that happens in my life.

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